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The Web Design Process

Posting a website can be like hiding a brochure under a rock. The trick is figuring out how to get as many people as possible to look under that rock for that brochure. With thousands of sites coming online every week - each more elaborate than the next - the pressure to grab someone's attention and effectively communicate a message with good graphic design is intense. The trick is designing for functionality, which takes every bit as much skill as designing a newsletter for readability or illustrating a book. With design in mind, I ask the questions that help me understand the backbone of the business, where the business is intended to go, and how we can collaborate to create a website that will have your customers coming back. 

Below are the steps I take when it comes to designing your website. 

A) Outlining a layout for your business / Figuring out the pages.​

B. Gathering the content for the website.

C. Designing the look of the website.

D. Obtaining a domain name (or use your existing)

E. Maintain hosting for your domain. (Monthly Fee)

F. Upload the designed website and its functionalities / test to make sure everything is running correctly.

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