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Web Design

An essential component to any business these days is to have a website that grabs the reader's attention. By creating a website that communicates effectively what your company stand for, what your products do, or what your services are... the greater chance you will have at attaining the customer's business. At Lopez Designs we create website that communicate effectively and look aesthetically pleasing. Make a lasting impression and blow them out the water with a customized website. 


Apart from a creative and eye popping design, your website can be used for much more than informing others. You can sell your products online 

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24/7 Contact

Need help on your site? Do you have an event coming up and need fliers immediately? The beauty of being remote is that I am usually available to take a call, text or email, any time of the day. Texting will always get you a response, and if I'm not available to take your call please leave a message. Standard 9-5 hours I am available to talk over the phone about a job, project and/or more. 

Domain Name & Hosting

Hosting is a service that runs Internet servers, allowing organizations and individuals to serve content to the Internet. Web hosting is like the land, and your domain name is the house. Once you have your domain, you'd need to get it hosting. With my website packages, domain and hosting are included in the web design. Plans start off at 1 year / 3 years or 5 years.

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