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Branding is an important element when it comes to lifting your products off the ground. I've been working with Gladstone Etienne from Zabico Life, a Tea distribution that specializes in Herbology, for a little over more than a year an a half. And we've made tremendous progress in creating a Logo, Branding Elements such as Bags, Samples Bags, Website, TEA-SHIRTS (LOL) and many other things for his advertisement campaign. But now, I am currently working on improving designs I created a year ago. Half the reason I love what I do is that I get to grow with the people I help. We notice new trends and get together to brain storm, how we can ride new waves and be relevant to the consumers. So right now, I am currently working on recreating the old bags, which are now going to be converted into capsule type tin cans, and changing the look to a sleeker modern look. So far, enjoying it. Take a look. And remember, I can always help YOU brand your product, send me a message about what your product is and how you think I can help. Thanks!

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