Logo Design

When it comes to branding your company or organization, a logo is one of the most essential tools to have. It is the look and feel of your brand and shows others a quick preview of what the company or organization is like. It takes the general concept of what a company is and displays it to the world. I create logos for companies and organizations.  EXAMPLES

$100 - $350

Business Card

Make an everlasting impression on your customers with a custom designed business card taylored to your specific business. Stand out from the VISTAcrowd and have some authenticity to your presentation. Design so good, they're gonna wanna keep your card! EXAMPLES

$35.00 (Both Sides)


So they loved the business card huh?... Now wow them with a matching stationery.

Design your business cards, letterhead, and envelopes in a consistent way to really drive the message across. Great branding is incorporated in many medias, and by integrating your brand into your stationary... well, it's just many ways to make your brand come to life!

$75 - $100

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Layout Design

Get your message across by designing a publication requires an understanding of grids and how to keep the readers eye moving. I've had experiencing in designing books, magazines, brochures, and newsletters. Whatever you plan on printing, make sure to have your audience turning pages, by getting your publication layout by Jorge Lopez Designs.

$35.00 Per Hour

Product Design

They say don't judge a book by it's cover, but when it comes to products on the shelf... well let's just say you want to make sure you know what you're looking for. So stand out from all the other products on the shelf and let's get you a design that gets your consumers running back for more. From bottles, to cans, to jars, and even packaging.,, Product design is an essential key in corporate identity. EXAMPLE

$35.00 Per Hour

Apparel Design

Whether for a family event, fashion statement, or to get your employees in uniform; we can create the perfect design for your apparel. If you're in business, stay consistent by having employees in uniform. If you're starting a tee-shirt company, let's chat about your design. Whatever the case, I can make it print ready for your printer or embroider. 

$25.00 - $45.00

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Signage / Wide Format

Printing large scale ads and marketing campaigns starts with figuring out the dimensions you need. I design for indoor/outdoor banners, window clings, posters, and signs. So get the measuring tape out and let get started designing a beautiful large scale ad that works well for you!

Vector Drawing

So let's say you have a cool design you want to get printed on a tee-shirt. Well in order for it to get screen printed, (the method tee-shirts are printed) you will need to vectorize the image so the printer can create a crisp clean print. Vectors are known to never pixate, and keep the lines clean. Other reasons you might need to vectorize your artwork is for screen printers, embroidery, die cuts, and vinyl lettering. 

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